Jessica Carmen Villaseñor

About Me

I’m a PhD Candidate in Sociology at the University of Chicago. I’m a qualitative sociologist who specializes in urban sociology with a focus on stratification and inequality, youth homelessness, and race and ethnic relations.

My Dissertation

My dissertation project seeks to expand sociological understandings of cities in the global south and their residents by examining the social world of youth in street situations in Mexico City. Through participant observation, semi-structured interviews, life-history interviews, and archival research my project seeks to gain a holistic understanding of the individual experiences of the youth, how they interpret their situation, the complex culture that the youth create on the street, and seeks to understand the ways in which the youth are connected to life in the larger city around them. My project offers the first sociological understanding of the situation of youth experiencing homelessness in the global south, a growing phenomenon throughout the region. In doing so, I add to our understandings of the social dynamics that occur in cities of the global south and offer the information necessary to create more effective interventions and programming to better serve the population.

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